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  • Capital Metro, Austin/Texas

    E-paper and video solutions in crisis situations

  • Capital Metro, Austin/Texas

How Austin in Texas successfully manoeuvres through the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, the already vulnerable infrastructure faced major challenges. Many people - including those in the health sector - are unable to work from home even in times of crisis and are all the more dependent on local transport. Especially then, good communication with passengers is crucial for safe local passenger transport. And thus the quality of the passenger information system.

In Austin, Texas, Capital Metro carries over 80,000 passengers a day. Now, due to the pandemic, drastic changes in operations were necessary. Almost all timetables had to be changed. To provide passengers with up-to-date information, Capital Metro relies on technology from Luminator Technology Group. The real-time capable e-paper displays offer passengers e-reader and accessible audio functions, they can be automatically updated remotely and work reliably and maintenance-free even in high outdoor temperatures. The extremely low power consumption is ideal for energy-efficient solar operation. In addition, there is no need for expensive civil engineering work during installation.

The combination of real-time, reliability and cost reduction convinced Capital Metro: after the bus stops and train stations, their P&R spaces were also equipped with e-paper panels. On board, video security solutions from Luminator help to control the safety distance of passengers. For Capital Metro, it has been shown: When all stationary and on-board systems as well as cloud and back-office software are harmoniously integrated into an overall system, systems become smarter, processes become more efficient and security increases.


In addition to inexpensive and user-friendly PIS hardware and software, the local transport operator needed a partner who was flexible enough, even in times of pandemic, to meet the rapidly and constantly changing requirements with solution expertise.


Solar-powered e-paper displays with e-reader and voice announcement functionalities combined with user-friendly cloud and back-office software. On-site support.


With the easy-to-manage and configure e-paper display systems, Capital Metro succeeds in informing passengers quickly and comprehensively about the constantly changing service, even in times of pandemic.

“We are proud to work with a technologically innovative city like Austin to install a smart digital display system. We're excited to play a role in improving the quality of information for riders and allowing Capital Metro to easily and efficiently manage their system.”

Werner Malcherek,Chief Technology Officer, Luminator

Project facts


Dynamic passenger information at bus


Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority


Austin, Texas


Solar and grid powered e-paper displays Real-time software solution

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