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Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) was established and is purposefully architected to make a lasting impact on the transit technology market. Combining strategic research and development with smart acquisitions, we are merging a broad range of expertise and new technology along with best-in-class products from successful, well-known regional companies into one cohesive, global organization. Luminator is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to connect transit passengers to vital information while supporting the operational objectives of efficient transit operations. Supporting transit bus and rail car manufacturers as well as public transit operators around the globe, Luminator is developing and delivering technology with tangible benefits to public transit.

On-board Infotainment

Each day, Luminator Technology Group’s infotainment systems provide informational and promotional content to millions of people worldwide. And there’s a good reason for that - at Luminator, we know how much our customers value energy-savings and operational efficiency. That’s why our solutions combine durability, the best possible functionality and the greatest possible efficiency. With a variety of enclosures and connection combinations – we can satisfy a variety of applications.

On-board Destination Displays

Luminator destination displays are energy-efficient, easy to operate and maintain, and have a long service life. Designed and manufactured to operate reliably and continuously, our displays have proven durability in a wide variety of weather and climatic conditions. Withstanding vibrations and impacts during mobile use, our displays are easy to read – even from a far distance and available in a variety of colors. Easily installed in a variety of vehicle types, we also offer compact solutions for confined spaces.

On-board Next Stop Displays

Luminator next stop displays are built upon the most advanced and high-quality LED technology. Displays can be controlled via the on-board computer, a control unit or a built-in Box PC. Whichever design is right for you - our interior displays are easy to read from a distance, extremely durable, energy-efficient and maintenance-free.

Platform Displays

An increasing number of journeys and different requirements in local and long-distance traffic place special demands on platform displays. Based on our extensive experience, Luminator has designed standard types that offer your passengers an ideal reading flow and the greatest possible freedom in compiling passenger information. Our displays are the optimal basis for defining the display and line count and for designing individual display layouts. Additional features, such as colored highlights, can be added without difficulty. The transflective properties of the LCD displays guarantee optimum readability under all environmental conditions. The sensor-controlled brightness of the displays and efficient energy management ensure the greatest possible environmental compatibility and low operating costs.

Bus and Tram Platform Displays

Luminator offers suitable stop displays for every situation in public transport - whether as a new installation as part of an overall software and hardware concept or as a hardware extension of existing systems. Depending on your information needs and requirements you can create your individual solution from different technologies in different display sizes, resolutions and formats. The displays have a modular design and can be expanded with loudspeakers, info and alarm functions or other features as required. No matter whether you need self-sufficient mobile phone solutions for rural areas with solar panels, "low power" display systems for small and medium-sized stops or barrier-free versions with "text-to-speech" functions in different languages - we have what you need. And if not, we will develop it for you.

Overview Displays

White font, blue background, clear layout - this is how our LCD display systems show passengers the destinations and times at countless stops, train stations and airports around the world. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and their transflective properties make them easy to read in all light and weather conditions. A specially developed energy management system ensures high environmental compatibility and low operating costs. As with all Luminator products and services, our large panels are designed to meet individual customer requirements: The modular design allows for individually adapted display sizes, individual information areas can be highlighted in color, TFT systems can be built into the header and many other features can be integrated.

On-board Box Computer

Our passenger information systems are integrated solutions. This means that the displays, electronic controls and software work together to create the perfect solution for your application and environment. That’s why we also deliver displays in combination with a Box PC, which provides current data for the display sequence independently of the on-board computer. Programming and control is via USB, Ethernet, IBIS or other standard interfaces.

On-board Control Interfaces

Luminator Technology Group’s operator control interfaces are the link between transport employees and the displays in the vehicle. The desired display text, characters and images can be loaded via USB, wireless or Ethernet interfaces. Our control devices are very easy to install and simple to operate. Controls are optimized for ease of use by buttons or touchscreen.

On-board Recorders

Purpose-built design that is manufactured to withstand harsh environments is key to the reliability and durability of our recording systems. With a hybrid design that allows flexibility with the use of both IP and analog cameras, our Recorders support up to 32 video channels – optimal for maintaining a fleet-wide solution that provides full video coverage on all vehicle types, ranging from smaller buses and trams to large multi-level trains.

On-board Video Cameras

Luminator’s solutions provide the highest quality recording and full video coverage for all types of transport vehicles. We provide a wide-range of camera options each with specific technology that is best suited for each mounting location. Unique technologies are deployed to capture the best video for each camera view, whether the camera is mounted in the interior of a railcar, or the exterior of a bus. Additional options and enhanced features include built-in audio recording, IR illumination for low-light conditions and high-resolution designed to capture small details and deliver unprecedented zoom capabilities.

On-board Video Displays

Luminator displays are proven reliable and easy to use with decades of successful deployments. Clear video images and information is displayed allowing the driver to easily assess the current situation when reversing and at the doors. Together with our cameras, recorders and software, they form a coordinated system with many useful functions that support safe maneuvering of the vehicle as well as the safe embarking and disembarking of passengers.

On-board Audio

Support of VoIP based audio communication as well as UIC based analog fallback. Robust design prepared for smart vehicle integration.


No matter how complex or specific your requirements are, we can combine the most up-to-date passenger information and on-board video solutions, and their associated interfaces and data formats – and turn it all into user-friendly, reliable applications. Clients in over 85 countries worldwide benefit from our many years of experience in software development.

On-Board Passenger Counting

Count all people getting on and off the vehicle with up to 99% accuracy and gain insights on passenger flow patterns, peak hours, and occupancy rates. Optimize your schedules and improve the operational efficiency of your vehicles.

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