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X-Fleet Manager

X-Fleet Manager makes it easy to configure and manage your X-Recorders with online access to every vehicle and device as well as health and operating status, live video feeds and the ability to view and download recorded video.

X-Fleet Manager consists of five modules:

  • HCS (Health Check Status): Provides remote diagnostics of on-board devices
  • RVD (Remote Video Download): Supports automatic export of video
  • ALV (Automatic Live Video): Live video streaming from the vehicle
  • RUM (Remote Update Manager): Remotely update data and operation systems
  • AMC (Automatic Messaging Concept): Message delivery for planning and services

The rules-based application provides users with the views and options that are intended for them. So regardless of their role, and whether the user is at the central office, the depot or station, the user gets access to the functionality and information they need.

Automation is key for efficiency, and every vehicle is automatically updated with the software (for example, if the IP address, the bus number, cameras or firmware change). Also, the information about the status of the equipment is automatically updated, eliminating manual entries and further enhancing efficiency in system management.


  • Wireless Video Download

    The RVD module supports download of video manually or automatically from the bus or train, through Wifi and WLAN networks.

    Optimized for efficient download, low data traffic ensures faster availability and easier analysis of video clips. With RVD, you no longer have to rely upon the physical removal of the disk drive.

    Automatic download of videos from the vehicle via WLAN
    Requests can be planned while the vehicle is enroute
    Download video clips without removing the disk drive
    Flip-Book function supports quick download

    With the RUM module you can use the advantages of wireless networks for the automatic software upload of equipment on buses and trains. The firmware and other data is updated and reconfigured automatically via wifi and WLAN.

    Software upload requests can be placed while vehicles are enroute. As soon as the train or bus reaches the WLAN reception area in the depot or station, the update is automatically executed.

    Automatic upload of software into the vehicle
    Update requests can be placed while vehicles are enroute
    Efficiently administer software updates without boarding the vehicle or removing any equipment
  • diagnostics and maintenance

    Luminator Technology Group guarantees maximum video availability in buses and trains. To guarantee this, a simple, fast troubleshooting and diagnosis of all devices on board is necessary (e.g. recorders, cameras and disk drives). The HCS module was developed precisely for this purpose - HCS transmits system information from the on-board and stationary video security system to the server of a central station or a bus depot.

    With access to every digitally controlled component of your video security system, you can easily determine status from your workstation, providing an an overview of the status of every device in your fleet.

    From the office you can decide whether a unit has to be serviced manually or not. Often, a remote reset is sufficient to rectify the malfunction. In this way, HCS reduces the maintenance effort, and also the downtime of your vehicles.


    Remote diagnosis of on-board devices
    Remote logs provide easy troubleshooting
    Error diagnosis and troubleshooting from the back office
    Integration of all available devices and local access to administer resets
  • The information tool that lets everyone know.

    What makes information valuable information? Our suggestion: The right information for the right person at the right time and in the right amount. This is exactly what AMC was developed for: As a messaging and information tool for optimizing the planning and services of video security solutions.

    Whether planner in the back office, dispatcher in the head office, technician in the depot or driver on the road - AMC provides everyone with the necessary information about the on-board or stationary VSS system. The recipient groups or individual users are notified by e-mail or SMS. Each participant can define when and how often the messages are to arrive.

    AMC not only makes the flow of information simpler, faster and better. It is possible that a module such as AMC is one of the most important software modules in IT environments where passenger security is at stake. It can certainly help to avoid critical situations.


    Software module for automation of messaging and distribution of information
    Addressing groups or individuals
    Notification by e-mail or SMS
    Individual configuration options
  • live streaming video

    View live video from the bus or railway car in the control center with ALV. The camera images are transmitted to the control centre via cellular or wifi, enabling the control center to view, in real-time activity around and on-board vehicles.

    The connection can be automatically established if, for example, an alarm button is pressed during an emergency call. The live video transmission is then sent to the central X-Fleet Manager and automatically recorded. All alarm recordings can be downloaded simultaneously with the automatic alarm download.

    With the ALV module, command and control from a central location is possible, for the entire fleet of vehicles.

    Recording mode settings can be preconfigured for emergencies
    Automatic connection when the emergency/alarm button is pressed in the vehicle
    Enhance safety in the vehicle through command control operations from a central location



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