The RGB display that assists with getting on and off.

Flow by Luminator Technology Group guides passengers as they get on and off. The small RGB displays are fixed near the doors in a highly visible manner and inform the waiting passengers of what to do using easily comprehensible multicolored symbols.

Arrows indicate to passengers which doors they can and cannot use to get on. The correct door to use when boarding with a stroller is also marked. Paths within the vehicle are marked by direction indicators.

Flow uses these features to ensure safe, smooth boarding and getting off the bus. And for electric and hybrid buses, the display also functions as a battery status display at the charging station.



    As far as Luminator is concerned, there’s no contradiction in shaping technical progress while continuing to work with tried and tested formats. Being open to our customers’ existing technology is part of our philosophy. For that reason, we offer devices with classic interfaces – such as IBIS or RS485 – alongside products with newer ones. Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, we are able to retain existing systems or combine them with new technologies. We will be happy to design the right concept with you.


    Luminator Technology Group gets information to your passengers faster – with IP-controlled destination displays. Internet protocols can transport much more data at once than classic networks. All the devices in the vehicle are integrated into your passenger information system via Ethernet. This allows every destination display to be controlled and programmed from the central office. Troubleshooting and maintenance can also be carried out remotely. Make your system fit for the future with the latest standards, such as ITxPT or VDV301. We are happy to help you with this.


Guidance system for passengers waiting at the bus stop
For electric buses: Battery charge level display
Highly efficient with low power consumption


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